All clients receive a complimentary consultation before any services are performed. ­All artists will make recommendations for beauty products to help maintain your results from our services. ­Please notify us of any health issues you many have, including skin irritations, allergic reactions to chemicals, to any other health concerns we should be aware of.

We reserve the right to turn away customers due to health concerns throws us a curve ball now and then, but this helps us stay on schedule with you as well as the rest of our customers. ­Children under the age of five are not permitted in the salon unless they are receiving a service. Our reason for this is so our staff can stay on schedule without any interruption during your service and so the children won’t be in.

Please be on time with your appointment, we do understand that sometimes life In the event you need to cancel your appointment, we appreciate that you do so at least twenty four hours in advance. ­We understand that every artist has a different technique, and if you are ever not satisfied one hundred percent with our service, please feel free to express your opinion. This is how we as an artist grow and learn, and we never want a client leaving unsatisfied.

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